Youth Explosion

“The purpose of the Youth Explosion is to bring together our community, people from all walks of life, to support and encourage our youth while they showcase their talents as we raise funds to help those less fortunate.”

All proceeds raised from the Youth Explosion are used to benefit underprivileged families of New Jersey. The Youth Explosion provides a positive outlet for children to gain confidence in their abilities while being supported by family, friends and the community.  This exciting event hopes to empower, encourage, and engage the community.

On August 30, 2014, the 3rd Annual Youth Explosion was held at the Rutgers Nicolas Music Center, 85 George Street, in New Brunswick, NJ. Children aged 9-12, 13-18 and 19-25 competed with each other. Winners will be announced shortly as well as a photo gallery from the evening.

Our 1st year, over 400 people came out to support the children in this mega talent show and to watch 13 acts vie for a first place cash prize of $1,000. The grand prize winner was The Finger Singers. They used sign language while dancing to a song by Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five to mesmerize the audience. We use professional judges who determined the winners. Between the talents, FORNJ provided entertainment from comedians to local singers to a well-known Brazilian pianist and percussionist to a flash mob dance number. The energy in the building was positively electric.

Our 2nd year Youth Explosion was even more powerful than the 1st year. What is extremely powerful is the way the youth in the audience clapped, cheered and supported each performer as they took the stage.  Our 1st grand prize winners were Jason and Felix who go by the name of Changed by Christ. Their Hip-Hop style of dancing caused the audience to jump to their feet in total excitement and amazement as their feet glided across the stage and they were totally in sync with each other.

If you wish to donate to this cause please send your tax deductible donation to FORNJ, POB 5763, Somerset, NJ 08875 or visit our donation page.